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Can Royal Jelly Protect The Liver?

The liver is the largest organ in your body. We have all had moments when we have treated it badly, whether it be consumption of alcohol or taking a list of medications. It is a fact of life that we have caused our liver damage.

The fortunate part is the liver’s exceptional properties and that it is able to regenerate and, in most cases, heal itself.

The liver is essential for standard bodily function; it plays a large role to keep you healthy. The liver takes nutrients and turns them into chemicals your cells can use. It helps your body to fight off infection and disease, helps to regulate levels of hormones and substances; it filters out poisons and helps turn food into energy further proving how crucial a healthy liver is.

Depending on your manner of living, your liver can be put under an incredible amount of stress. Positive lifestyle choices, making wellness a priority and looking at natural substances such as Kiwi Royal, could assist in your liver’s health and regeneration.

Support your liver so it can support you.

Research was conducted in Turkey to study whether Royal Jelly could have a protective effect against paracetamol induced liver damage. 6 control groups were administered amounts of Royal Jelly daily for seven days and it was concluded that even after just seven days “meaningful changes were observed in the biochemical parameters of the group which was administered long-term Royal Jelly” (control group 6). It was also established that lesions were less severe, particularly in group 6, who received Royal Jelly for seven days before the paracetamol.

From this study alone we can see how powerful Royal Jelly can be and the positive impact it may be able to make to your body.

These researchers concluded that the administration of Royal Jelly as a hepatoprotective (ability to prevent damage to the liver) agent for seven days against liver damage (paracetamol induced) exhibited a protective effect on liver tissue.

As well as Royal Jelly, honey has also been studied for its positive impact on the liver and its ability to protect it from toxic substances.

The authors hypothesize that antioxidant properties found in honey could be responsible for protection of the liver. Read more about this study, linked below.

Our 10% blend would be ideal to help you protect your liver; this is a blend of 10% pure Royal Jelly with locally sourced manuka honey. Wellness sourced from nature, see what Kiwi Royal can do for you.

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