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Can Royal Jelly Help With Kidney Stones?

If you’ve ever suffered with the pain of kidney stones, you know how incredibly uncomfortable they can be!

Kidney stones are literally ‘stones’ that are situated either in the kidney or in the tube that leads from the kidney to the bladder, known as the ureter.

What causes Kidney Stones?

Kidney Stones can form because of a number of reasons:

  • There could be a family history of kidney stones
  • Inflammation in the body caused by oxidative stress, medications or other health problems such as Gout
  • Or it could be as simple as not drinking enough water.

Your kidneys remove waste and fluid from your blood to make urine. Sometimes, when you have too much of certain wastes or too much inflammation in the body, these wastes can build up and stick together in your kidneys, forming stones.

When a stone gets stuck in the ureter or kidney on it’s way out of the body, this causes the extreme pain we associate with this condition and leads many people to radically change their health to prevent this pain from happening again!

For centuries both Royal Jelly and Honey have been utilised by people worldwide because they are believed to have powerful antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, and in a clinical trial conducted in 2015, studies showed that regular consumption of Royal Jelly significantly reduced renal inflammation in rats. Could this potentially be a solution for humans as well?

Take a look at the clinical study below and consider trying one of our beautiful Kiwi Royal products today! With so many benefits, it really is natures supreme superfood!

Disclaimer: Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.