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Can Royal Jelly Aid Male Fertility?

Infertility in New Zealand has many causes; it is a commonly thought to be a female issue. Fertility New Zealand explain that in about 40% of infertile couples the problem is male factor, in about 40% it is female and the remaining 20% the cause is unknown, or it is a joint issue.

Male infertility can occur due to an array of reasons such as sperm being blocked from being released, lifestyle choices which impact sperm morphology, a decrease in overall sperm count or sperm that do not function properly. Because it takes three months for the sperm to develop it is important that nutrition and lifestyle prior to conception is optimised.

Royal Jelly has been seen to increase vitality in males which is great news for anyone who has been struggling with fertility. It has also been observed to benefit male fertility and sperm health.

An Iranian study measured the effect Royal Jelly on fertility in 60-day-old male rats. After only a month of feeding Royal Jelly to a case group, spermatogenesis count and mobility of sperm was significantly higher. It was concluded that “consumption of Royal Jelly has a significant effect on sperm count and motility.”

A study found in the Thi-gar Medical Journal showed a positive result using volunteer human test subjects. 83 infertile men were treated with Royal Jelly and after just three months testosterone level, the sperm active motility, Lutelizing hormone level and sluggishly motile sperm and intercourse increased significantly.

This is amazing news for male reproductive health and infertility in males.

Royal Jelly may be a simple solution to a devastating problem.  With the studies above improving fertility in under 6 months, could you imagine what this natural product could do for your family?

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