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Can Royal Jelly Help With Fertility?

Have you or someone you know struggled with the heart breaking stress of infertility?

While our population continues to grow, sadly, so do our infertility numbers around the world. For those wanting to fulfil their life long dream of having children, being told ‘you can’t’, can be a devastating blow. More and more people are now looking to alternative treatments including natural medicine, wellness coaching, nutritionists and supplementation to help find answers.

Royal Jelly has been historically used to support fertility

Historically, Royal Jelly has been widely used among couples for centuries, to promote overall health and vitality and to support optimal hormonal balance, enhance reproductive health and fertility.

Thanks to its exclusive ability to foster the fertility of Queen bees, Royal Jelly is a very popular dietary supplement among trying-to-conceive women. It is believed to promote overall vitality and may support optimal hormonal balance, important for increasing your chances of conceiving.

Womens Fertility

A study conducted in 2007 in Japan discovered that Royal Jelly contains phyto-oestrogen and properties that may support healthy uterine muscles and uterus lining. This potentially provides hope for those who have struggled to fall pregnant or stay pregnant. Multiple studies with Royal Jelly on fertility in animals suggest that it also has the potential to increase rates of pregnancy and support fertility overall and the great news is that it’s not just a supplement for woman; studies show that Royal Jelly may support sperm motility as well.

Our bodies need the right balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to enable them to produce healthy hormones, cycles and regular ovulation. Royal Jelly helps greatly with supporting this, containing nearly all of the vitamins and minerals a woman’s body needs to conceive successfully.

Royal Jelly is rich in amino acids, medium chain fatty acids (like those found in coconut oil), proteins, along with vitamin D, E, all of the B vitamins, plus iron and calcium. It also contains a range of probiotics useful to support gut health and immunity.

Can royal jelly help with fertility?

Daily ingestion of Royal Jelly is an easy way for womens bodies to absorb nutrients and minerals to support a healthy body, increasing your chances of producing healthy hormones, healthy cycles and a regular, healthy ovulation, ideal conditions for conceiving successfully.

Men’s Fertility

Royal Jelly is a nutritional powerhouse to support mens health as well. For men, Royal Jelly has also shown to boost phytoestrogen and reduces stress and inflammation.

In a recent study, 83 males experienced an increase of testosterone levels in a three month trial of consuming Royal Jelly. Changes could be seen in the first few weeks in all of the participants. In each of the men, levels of testosterone were boosted within the first few weeks. Their hormone levels also continued to rise throughout the duration of the study, showing great potential for men struggling with their own fertility challenges.

The men in the study also found that their sex drive had increased steadily and their secondary sex glands were more prominent than before the trial. This includes the increase in production of body hair and a larger Adam’s apple. In women this may include larger, fuller breasts and hips. Each participant could tell that the Royal Jelly affected their overall well-being in every part of their body.

Once again, the dense nutrients in Royal Jelly worked to support overall wellness and participants were shown to have more balanced hormonal levels, as well as a boosted immune system. This substance uses antibodies that may help to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure – a common challenge for many men – while also supporting healthy stem cell regeneration. The impressive vitamins and active enzymes in Royal Jelly also showed that it may act as an anti-inflammatory agent, meaning there are many other health benefits seen as beneficial not only for ones’ reproductive health, but overall well-being. And we all know, being in good health FIRST is a great stepping stone on the pathway of becoming a parent.

It can be concluded that Royal Jelly works by supporting wellness in females while also increasing the vitality of males. These studies are incredible news for anyone who has been struggling with fertility, however we must share with you that not all products are the same. Sadly there are a number of products on the market which are loaded with fillers, synthetically produced acids or if they are freeze dried, may have suffered from nutritional loss or damage if the process is not of the highest quality.

Can royal jelly help with fertility?

To enable your body to receive optimal nutrition and support, fresh is best. Have you tried Kiwi Royal yet? Our supreme superfood is 100% pure, potent and is literally food fit for a Queen…..and a King……Consider talking to your healthcare professional about how Kiwi Royal may be able to support you on your fertility journey.

Disclaimer: It’s important to note that if you are allergic to bees/bee venom or if you have oestrogen-sensitive reproductive cancers in your family history, please speak to your healthcare professional about Royal Jelly first. Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.  If symptoms persist, please see your healthcare professional.

Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.