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Can Royal Jelly Help Fight The Signs Of Aging?

It’s an unfortunate fact of life, we are all ageing.
No one has successfully cracked the fountain of youth but we think we may be getting closer

Royal Jelly is a wonderful product like no other. A superfood sourced straight from beehives, it is pretty much as natural as you can get! Royal Jelly is a liquid produced by bees in the hive. It is fed to the Queen bee and the young bees within the colony and is what gives the Queen bee her ‘regal position’. 

Royal Jelly is exceptionally nutrient dense, and its benefits are almost endless! Something that really stands out is the historical data supporting Royal Jelly’s ability to improve skin, protect skin against ageing and reduce further skin damage. It has literally been used for thousands of years for women’s skin around the world!

For myself and for almost every woman I know, skin care is a constant. It begins in the morning when you wake up right up until your brush your teeth and go to bed, remembering to put on a night serum too! We all want to look smooth, soft and beautiful using every beauty product we are able, to achieve a face that looks, frankly, ageless.  

Which skincare products are best for ageing?

We have been led to believe that the more skin products we use, the better. We’re taught that the only way to achieve anti-ageing is to remedy our skin externally rather than supplementing our bodies to naturally work on anti-aging internally. By working on your insides FIRST, not only can you feel better, healthier and have more energy, you could live your life fuller with a new found confidence from having truly glowing skin! 

Would you like to swap out of your usual day-time and night-time routine that uses several different serums, crèmes and gels, and make things a little simpler?

Would you like to use a skincare supplement that supports beauty from the inside out? 

Kiwi Royal Royal Jelly may just have the answers. 

The science behind ageing skin

As we grow older our body starts to reveal our age through visible signs, for example, the nature of our skin. At just 25-years-old our bodies show signs of ageing through fine lines & wrinkles, a loss of elasticity and firmness. Skin also becomes drier and the effects of sun exposure show.  

As you age, your body is producing a lower quality collagen which means the skin becomes thinner and loses its flexibility. Its renewing process isn’t as efficient as it once was; skin tissue repair and cell renewal slow down and to make up for this we use eye gels, night creams, spot treatments and masks to try and ‘avoid’, or remedy the effects of ageing and to revitalise our skin. Rather than spending hours morning and night desperately trying to renew your skin, you could take a little Royal Jelly once a day and potentially see the all the desired effects take place.  

Vitamins and Minerals that help fight the signs of ageing

There are many vitamins and minerals found in Royal Jelly; B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, acetyl-choline and zinc, these are all brilliant for skin health. The many enzymes within Royal Jelly make it a brilliant supplement to assist in the appearance of damaged skin or acne. Royal Jelly has significant antibacterial properties meaning it has the power to destroy acne bacteria, which then may stop the immune system before it launches inflammatory problems on your pores. 

Studies have found that acids found in Royal Jelly may enable better collagen production and promotion. If you boost collagen production, you may visibly slow down the ageing process and potentially make your skin resistant to inflammatory damage. 

Studies show that with daily ingestion of Royal Jelly, Procollagen levels increased in the skin improving the overall appearance and health; reducing fine lines, improving skin quality, firmness and elasticity.  Royal Jelly may increase the moisture content of skin, treating tired and dry damaged skin and restoring tissue. It contains amazing nutrients and antioxidants such as flavonoids, nucleic acid and decanoic acid that support total skin renewal giving you that incredible healthy glow – without the use of serums, potions, masks or expensive skin firming treatments. You may even be able to achieve the reduction of fine lines, the boost of collagen and firmness, the healthy glow and anti-ageing of your skin with just one product: Royal Jelly.  

Health and your skin: say no to chemicals

Do you think it’s important to know what you put into or onto your body? We try to eat healthy and have healthy habits, but why is it that we don’t usually know every ingredient we are putting all over our bodies daily? It is said that women use an average of 12 skin products a day: this could be face masks, body lotions, moisturisers and so on. These can contain up to 168 different chemicals, which means we are absorbing over 150 chemicals through our skin which are then being ingested by our bodies, put into our blood stream and winding up where?…….? 

How incredible would it be to have healthy skin without the long list of unknown chemicals?

Kiwi Royal Royal Jelly is a natural product that may give you the firm, ageless skin you are looking for, working from the inside, out. 

Kiwi Royal Royal Jelly may provide anti-ageing effects through various means and drastically decrease the amount of chemicals we are absorbing into our bodies by working from the inside out. If you care about your skin, you need to care about your health FIRST.

Our Royal Jelly is taken sublingually under the tongue daily. Under the tongue enables the Royal Jelly to be absorbed by the bloodstream faster. It then gets to work, beginning to improve your skins’ appearance without having to rub, dab or swipe any serums or lotions onto your face, or your body anywhere. 

Chemical free: the best way to be

Kiwi Royal’s Royal Jelly is 100% pure and all natural. With NO added parabens, additives or preservatives, it is as natural as it gets! We have zero tolerance for synthetic ANYTHING: nothing added and nothing taken away. Our Royal Jelly is as natural as it is within the beehive. Kiwi Royal believes this is the healthiest way to consume Royal Jelly and to reap the boundless benefits of our product.  

Kiwi Royal Royal Jelly truly is nature’s supreme superfood. Pure, authentic and loaded with benefits. We love it and now you can experience what Kiwi Royal can do for you and your skin too.

Author: Sylvia Emery – Bee Keeper, Animal Lover and Beauty Blogger

Disclaimer: Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.  Royal Jelly should not replace any medically advised medication or instruction from a health care professional. Please note: results may vary