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Can Royal Jelly Help With Brain Functioning?

Alzheimer’s, is a devastating disease that destroys and deludes the mind of the sufferer which in the late 80s only affected a small amount of only 860 people per year in the USA. But today? There is over 44 million people worldwide that are affected by this dreadful disease, and by any standards that’s an intense increase of people being affected by Alzheimer’s. We need to firstly realise that this common sickness used to be looked upon as a ‘rare disease’. There has been many searches made to find ways of treating and preventing this illness, and one substance that was looked at, is Royal Jelly.

The science behind Royal Jelly and the Brain

After a decade of investigation into its benefits, Royal Jelly has indicated a positive effect on both neuronal degeneration and the hippocampal area of the brain which is the most badly affected area in Alzheimer’s disease. A study was made in 2012 looking into whether Royal Jelly could prevent neuronal degeneration or reverse this, and produce neurogenesis (the production of new nerve cells), effectively reversing the damage caused by Alzheimer’s. The research was very favourable.

With a startling and growing number of Alzheimer’s cases appearing, the likelihood of someone acquiring this escalates with each passing year. Scientists believe that Royal Jelly may act as a barrier for mental health and aid in building a stronger brain via neurogenesis, and particularly in the parts of the brain for learning and memory.

Capsules VS Pure

So if Royal Jelly is such a great product, why should you buy it from Kiwi Royal over other brands?

Royal Jelly contains a unique unsaturated fatty acid only found in royal Jelly and that is 10-HDA. It is said to be one of the main active ingredients present in Royal jelly.” Along with 10-HDA Royal Jelly has 18 of the total 20 amino acids that your body requires to operate healthily. There are 11 that our body produces which leaves 9 that we must consume in our daily diet, and Royal Jelly has 8 of them. It is also loaded with many lipids, proteins, peptides, Royalisin, and Royalactin.

With all of these delicate ingredients packed into a single substance it makes Royal Jelly extremely biologically sensitive. 

Most of the Royal Jelly found on the open market today is sold inside a capsule in a powdered form. This type of Royal Jelly has been freeze-dried and processed before it is capsulated, and in this process there is a high chance of running into nutritional loss. If the freeze drying process is not done at the very highest standard and with utmost delicacy, Royal Jelly’s healing properties, and ingredients such as 10-HDA, are highly likely to be destroyed.​ ​Pure is best. This is why Kiwi Royal is your best chance of taking full advantage of Royal Jelly’s healing properties. Our pure and premium 100% authentic Royal Jelly products remain untampered with and as pure as possible – straight from the hive. You can truly feel the difference.

It is also important to note that Royal Jelly testing worldwide has only previously been based on levels of 10-HDA – a very important acid within Royal Jelly that may support many health conditions. More recently there has been a synthetic form of 10-HDA produced in America, which was only intended for laboratory studies and research and not for human consumption. Sadly several companies have been buying this synthetic product and adding it to their Royal Jelly to pass testing and potentially command a higher retail price. When it is added to Royal Jelly it potentially damages the quality and beneficial ingredients of the Royal Jelly and long term, there is no clinical trials to show the effects of synthetic 10 HDA on human health.

Chemically produced ingredients cannot achieve the high health standards that pure, untampered, Royal Jelly can and if you or someone you know is battling with their health, don’t you think you / they deserve a genuine product?

Kiwi Royal and scientific research

Our Royal Jelly has been sent to both Yale University and to Auckland University, and results have shown that our Royal Jelly is a superior, high grade product that is possibly the most authentic and untouched Royal Jelly in the world.

This is the product that you, as a person, deserve.

At Kiwi Royal we believe that you deserve to have the best quality products available on the market today. Our product has zero synthetic and chemically produced ingredients, and mixed with Manuka honey, is the perfect way to ingest all those powerful nutrient rich goodies not just for brain health but for overall health. We value Integrity very highly at Kiwi Royal which is why we care about the end-user and want you to have a product that supports vitality, energy, longevity, and vigour in your life through great nutrition. After all it’s your birth right!

With debilitating diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia and cognitive decline becoming more prominent within our ageing society, scientific research is being conducted every day to find answers. More and more, people are turning to natural medicine for help, and products such as our beautiful and natural Royal Jelly are becoming more and more sought after for folks of all ages – especially adults who value their health.

So fill your life with drive, fruition and ambition NOW! The dream of being vital and full of life, able to think clearly when you grow old, becomes more real as we learn more about the power behind this supreme superfood. We are excited about what the future holds for Royal Jelly and the associated scientific research and can’t wait for you to feel the difference!

Author: Royce McCallum – Beekeeper, Musician, Athlete

Disclaimer: Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet.  If symptoms persist please consult your healthcare professional.

Medication: Royal Jelly should not replace any medically advised medication or instruction from a health care professional.


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