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Can Royal Jelly Give You A More Restful Sleep?

Restful sleep is vital to living a healthy life and is crucial.

Our body is exceptional; while we sleep our heart and vascular system is having much needed rest, our heart rate and blood pressure slow down and regulate.

According to The National Sleep Foundation during this time our body is restoring our energy, tissue growth and repair occurs, and hormones are released for growth and muscle development. It is fundamental that we make sleep a priority.

During the night our body works in cycles to efficiently restore and repair. When blood sugar drops in the middle of the night, this may cause you to be wide awake, interrupting your natural sleep schedule.

Royal Jelly has been seen to assist in controlling blood sugar and increase insulin sensitivity which may enable a more restful, uninterrupted sleep.

Increasing insulin sensitivity could be beneficial during the early hours of the morning. For someone with a ‘normal’ sleep schedule blood sugar levels raise rapidly between 4-8am, insulin responds to the surge by communicating to the liver, muscle and fat cells to absorb the glucose from the blood.

For some people insulin can’t communicate as simply which then causes blood sugar levels to rise.  As we have seen, taking Kiwi Royal’s Royal Jelly daily may increase insulin sensitivity which would help your body respond to this early morning surge of blood sugar.

If you routinely find yourself suffering from a lack of sleep, you should consider trying Kiwi Royal’s Royal Jelly to aid your sleep patterns. Waking up renewed and refreshed should be a priority; Royal Jelly may increase your insulin sensitivity and could improve your daily life.

Find Balance with Kiwi Royal, Royal Jelly.

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