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Can Royal Jelly Help Those Who Suffer With Mood Disorders?

Sadly anxiety, depression, eating disorders and mood disorders are on the increase around the world.

With data provided by The Ministry of Health New Zealand, ‘’ concluded that mood disorders increased by about 7 percent since 2012 in New Zealand alone.

With a radical shift in the way we approach our health, more people are looking to what may be considered ‘alternative treatments’ for dietary supplementation, or to create new health plans to support their conditions. Royal Jelly – one of natures most important superfoods – is one such supplement, used in both traditional and western medicine because of it’s tremendous benefits to health.

It appears that Royal Jelly may support the reduction of extreme stress and could aid in balancing your mood. Suffering from extreme mood swings and feelings of anxiousness and depression can be very lonely. For some, it can feel as though you are isolated in feeling this way and can affect every aspect of your daily life. Finding balance can be a difficult and tumultuous pathway.

Clinical studies

Royal Jelly’s effectiveness in reducing feelings of anxiety and depression was recently studied in Japan with promising results.

Various methods were used to research whether the compound 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid (HDEA) uniquely found in naturally sourced Royal Jelly could have a therapeutic effect on depression. The test subjects were induced into experiencing symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. They were then given Royal Jelly to test if this could relieve them of these feelings.

After the subjects ingested Royal Jelly once a day for three weeks the results gathered by this study concluded that HDEA (using Royal Jelly as the natural source) is effective in relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety and “suggest that they may become a promising tool as a new antidepressant”.

HDEA (10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid) is a bio-active compound uniquely found in Royal Jelly and it could be an exceptional ingredient to assist you to feel like your best self. The number of people suffering from mood disorders is staggering and in some cases it can be debilitating.

Royal Jelly may aid you in your wellness journey, so talk to your healthcare professional about how you may like to add it to your daily diet. Kiwi Royal sources our Royal Jelly from nature with minimal processing. We think this keeps the integrity of the product as the bees intended, never losing the important, unique nutrients that may aid neurological support.


Please note: Royal Jelly should not replace any medically advised medication or instruction from a health care professional. The best way to test if Royal Jelly may assist your condition is to try taking small doses while closely observing your symptoms. The study included in the article was tested on mice as test subjects.

Disclaimer: Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.