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Can Royal Jelly Help With PMS?

Ever struggle with mood swings? Bloating? Cramps and all the other symptoms associated with PMS? At least 90% of women experience symptoms of PMS in their lifetime, so you’re not alone!

Premenstrual syndrome – often called PMS – is a name given to a group of physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period.

Symptoms often vary between women and may include acne, headaches and migraines, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes due to sudden changes in a woman’s hormonal balance.

So aside from going to bed for a week or loading up with medication, could there be some way of naturally supplementing our diet to support happy hormones and a less stressful lead up to ‘that time of the month?’

Royal Jelly and PMS

Women throughout the ages have taken Royal Jelly as a supplement because of its high nutritional content and potential support of hormonal and reproductive health.  

As a substance that is ‘fit for a Queen’, Royal Jelly contains essential vitamins and minerals, as well as all of the B vitamins, known for reducing stress and assisting in hormonal balance. In addition, Royal Jelly contains trace amounts of vitamin A, C, D and E, making it a naturally occurring supreme superfood!

In a clinical trial in Japan in 2012, scientists found conclusive evidence that taking 1000 milligrams of Royal Jelly per day for 2 months was effective in reducing PMS.

That’s the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of our beautiful 10% ‘Balance’ blend, plus you get all the benefits of our creamy, golden Manuka Honey. What a delicious way to support your health!

Disclaimer: Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.