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Can Royal Jelly Help With Migraines?

Hi, I’m Sylvia: Bee keeper, blogger and migraine sufferer.

Migraines are incredibly awful with many experiencing severe head pain that feels totally inescapable during a spell. As someone who suffers from regular migraines, I can relate to anyone who has experienced the level of pain a migraine presents.  

Growing up, when I felt the beginning of a migraine (sometimes known to be called an aura) the only comfort I could find would be to get home as soon as possible, take medication and try to sleep in a dark room only emerging once it had completely gone, which would usually be after at least 12 hours. As an adult this affects many different parts of daily life, so much so that I have had to avoid long term commitments due to my sporadic unavailability.  

Migraines cannot be cured but symptoms can be relieved during a spell.  It is also common for migraines to have specific triggers that are personal to you.

Triggers can be anything from sleeping patterns, diet, exercise and hormone levels, while other conditions could also play a part in causing your migraines such as stress, anxiety, depression and head/neck trauma. Migraines vary widely between people as do care options.

Health Navigator NZ says that ‘about one in ten people suffer from migraines’ and The Neurological Foundation NZ says that ‘migraine is three times more common in women than in men’.

If you believe your migraines are caused by hormonal imbalance, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep or depression, have you considered trying alternative measures to support you?

Royal jelly has a very unique fatty acid 10-hydroxy-trans-2-decenoic acid (HDEA) which has been studied successfully in a bid to research its therapeutic effect on depression. It was concluded that it is effective in relieving the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Royal Jelly has also had promising extensive research studying its effectiveness to aid sleep, ease stress and the role it may play in blood flow and blood circulation. Migraine sufferers are often found to have low magnesium in their bloodstream which is also found in Royal Jelly. These promising studies could establish Royal Jelly as a supplement that may assist you in avoiding your potential migraine triggers.

Migraines have majorly impacted my life, it’s a helpless feeling when you suffer from something that does not have a known cure. There is still so much more to discover when it comes to such a complex condition as migraines.  

Causes and what activates a migraine vary but Royal Jelly has been seen to alleviate some of the most common triggers. Kiwi Royal is wellness sourced from nature. Kiwi Royal’s Royal Jelly may be an option for you too.

Please note: Royal Jelly should not replace any medically advised medication or instruction from a health care professional. The best way to test if Royal Jelly may assist your condition is to try taking small doses while closely observing your symptoms. The study included in the article was tested on mice as test subjects.

Disclaimer: Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.