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Can Royal Jelly Benefit Immunity?

Here in New Zealand winter has started to rear its head bringing with it colder temperatures, wet weather and shorter days. During these months we all spend more time indoors wrapped up in blankets or cuddled into the couch in front of a roaring heater or fireplace. If this sounds familiar you probably know that winter also brings a lot of sickness and ill health for most people.  

It seems at least a few times a year we all find ourselves struck down with a cold, sniffling with a headache feeling sorry for ourselves. Many of us, once we feel the sickness starting to approach, drink every ginger tea and antioxidant drink you can get your hands on, as an attempt to boost immunity in a bid to ‘not get sick’.

We believe however that the best way to be well is to look at preventing sickness where possible and year round supplementation is the best preventative measure against illness.

It is important to keep our immune system in shape to minimise the effects of sickness. Studies have been conducted, showing Royal Jelly’s potential effect on balancing immunity. A balanced immune system is fundamental for your health.  An overactive immune system can lead to auto-immune issues such as rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and other conditions, while an under-active immune system can result in illnesses such as colds & flu, as well as increasing your chances of developing serious diseases.

In 2003 a group of scientists who studied Royal Jelly saw its strong anti-allergy properties in mice and went on to further research which proteins could have had this incredible effect. Royal Jelly is rich in nutrients and the scientists managed to isolate and extract glycoprotein from the Royal Jelly and exposed it to mice spleen cells, finding that the protein suppressed the IL-2 and IL-4 cells. These cells are an important part of immune signalling, required for the activation and survival of T cells. T cells are involved in regulating immunity and controlling your body’s production to fight off infection. The study showed that glycoprotein, found in Royal Jelly can be very beneficial to your immune system and may balance your immune system, helping you stay healthy all year round if regularly consumed.

Royal Jelly is truly exceptional: a superfood that can supplement you and the health of your family all year, so take preventative measures by finding your balance with Kiwi Royal


Disclaimer: Vitamins and minerals are supplementary to and not a replacement for a balanced diet. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.